Below are frequently asked questions specifically about RCAHousePoints.com and the RCA House Points App. In addition, check out the RCA House System Brand Guidelines  and Learn More pages for more information about the house system. Ron Clark Academy also provided information and answered questions LIVE on YouTube and Facebook. For further questions feel free to email houses@ronclarkacademy.com

What is RCA House Points?

RCAHousePoints.com is the easiest way to keep track of points for each House and instantly award points to a student on the spot. When points are earned an email can be automatically sent to parents, telling them that a teacher or staff member has awarded points to their child with comments and positive feedback. This lets a parents celebrate their children’s achievements, and it also lets parents feel more connected to the Houses. This database contains your students’, parents’, staff, and teachers’ information and makes it easy to give and monitor points. In addition, there is a mobile application that makes it even easier to monitor and distribute points.

How much does it cost?

Classroom Subscription

$105 monthly or $100 per month billed annually* | Includes multiple teachers with up to 99 students

Small School Subscription

$155 monthly or $150 per month billed annually* | Includes multiple teachers with 100-499 students

Medium School Subscription

$205 monthly or $200 per month billed annually* | Includes multiple teachers with 500-999 students

Large School Subscription

$305 monthly or $300 per month billed annually* | Includes multiple teachers with 1000-1499 students

* Annual subscriptions are a 12-month commitment. Click here to learn more about our plans and pricing.

Is the annual plan billed for 12-months or 10-months?

There are two options to pay for a subscription: the annual plan (12-month commitment) or the monthly plan. By selecting the annual plan, all student data will be saved and there will not be an interruption in your subscription.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, we accept purchase orders for annual plans. Please email housepoints@ronclarkacademy.com to set up payment.

How many houses can we have?

RCAHousePoints.com will track 4 - 8 houses per school. A minimum of 4 houses is required. If you are using RCA Houses (Altruismo, Amistad, Isibindi, Rêveur), the house names and colors will remain consistent with the RCA House guidelines, and cool, animated graphics have been added just for these 4 houses. If you would like to use your own house names, colors, and house crest, you are able to upload your logos and customize the colors on the website.

Do I have to use RCA’s 4 houses? Can I use my own?

Yes, you may use you own Houses. If you are using RCA Houses (Altruismo, Amistad, Isibindi, Rêveur), you are unable to customize the crest or logo colors. The colors are required to remain the same as the originals. However, you are able to create your own houses and use your own crest and logos as you please. In addition, you can use the 4 RCA houses combined with up to 4 more houses of your own.

Is RCAHousePoints.com available only on Apple products?

RCAHousePoints.com is web-based, and it is available through Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox. In addition, the mobile application is available on Google Play and the App Store (coming soon).

Does each teacher have to download the mobile app?

No, you are not required to download the mobile app. All the features are completely accessible online.

Can we direct message parents and staff?

Private notifications can be sent automatically to a parent when points have been earned. Teachers may also add comments and positive feedback each time a student earns a point. However, teachers/staff are unable to send a direct message to only one parent at this time.

How do you give points within the system?

Entering points is very simple! First, log into RCAHousePoints.com, search for the student by name and select the amount of points to award. There is also an option to select a category explaining why the points were assigned. Teachers and staff may also add a comment or positive feedback. (For example, categories may include good character, academic excellence, school spirit, outstanding performance).

How do we upload our students’ information?

Student information can be uploaded using a csv file. In a nutshell, you will use a certain type of file with all of the students’ information, and then you will upload it directly to the application. The same process is used for parents, teachers, and staff.

Does the app show real-time when points are received?

Yes, the leaderboard updates as soon as a point is received. In addition, once a house takes the lead in house points, a digital animation reveals the new leader on the leaderboard.

Do parents and students have access to the app?

Yes! Parents are able to access the app to track progress. Additionally, a parent may opt-in to receive a notification whenever his/her child receives a point. However, this system is specifically designed for teachers, staff, and parents. Therefore, students do not have access to the application.

Can parents see information of other students?

A parent will only be able to view information about his/her child.  If a parent has multiple children at schools using RCAHousePoints.com, he/she may also add those children using a unique school and student code that can be provided by the school.